Taking Advice

Bone China Sets for Singles

Many intelligent young people today have taken a good look at the economy, and they often decide to put off marriage and children to focus on their career. Like their peers who have already settled down, they still want to be able to entertain in style. Going out in large groups is not always an option, and they want to have the ability to entertain at home. They look for apartments and houses that have plenty of entertaining space, and they are willing to live with fewer amenities and smaller bedrooms to make sure they have room for guests. While they might not be focused on the home, entertaining guests in style is important.

Casual Home Gatherings

In the largest cities, there is often little outdoor room for hosting guests. Singles often find they are restricted to the interior of their apartment or small home, so they focus their energy on making it a welcoming environment for guests. Those lucky enough to have inherited good furniture and a nice china set are able to provide for this luxury, but others must scrape together the means to afford the lifestyle they want. Casual gatherings are how they entertain because they do not have the space, furniture or beautiful china to host formal affairs.

Restrictions Need Not Apply

For those who are willing to shop around, there are always options that will help them make their home ready for fine dining. Second hand shops can provide good furniture that needs only refurbishing to give it new life, and they can also provide decorative china sets if one is willing to overlook a few missing pieces. Singles on a budget can find much of what they need as long as they are willing to make reasonable compromises. They can move ahead in life while waiting for the opportunity to afford what they really want in quality furniture and table ware from places like Wedgwood, and their ambition can often help them along the way.

Setting the Perfect Table

While a gently used set of fine bone china might not be optimal for everyone, buying a complete new set requires credit or savings. For those who insist on setting the perfect table, it can come down to limiting their guest list for the amount of service they have in their china cabinet. As they expand their circle of friends and family, they can order the set they want in pieces rather than trying to purchase all of it at the same time.

There are no easy answers when making the choice between beginning a family and focusing on a career, but those who search for expedient options will find they can make a decision that is comfortable in the short run. When it comes time to purchase all the amenities they need for formal entertaining at home, their options will expand immensely. They will have the advantage of plenty of practice in entertaining guests in a lavish style if they have become accustomed to working with what they have already, so building up the furniture and china they need will only enhance their ability to host in the way they want.